I was so happy to spend the weekend with so many wonderful people!  It was such a blessing for my family.  We had left the Catholic church for nearly 10 years because we had found the Protestant church had more to offer our children.  Morning Star has shown us that Catholicism can be very family friendly.  I am so glad my younger children will grow up with this strong foundation.  Mary Ellen P. (Olean)

I enjoyed the camp.  I got to attend a few masses and made new friends.  The campfire was great where everyone talked and sang.  Lastly I enjoyed being an altar server in my bare feet.  It made me feel closer to nature and God. 
Sawyer P. (Bradford)

I had a very good time camping and was glad to see other kids my age believe in their faith so strongly.  I also enjoyed meeting new people and having church outside.  I would love to do it again.
Jordan P. (Bradford)

One of the unique things that happened to my family during this prayerful retreat was that we found that we share so many similar experiences and blessings of God with others whom we just met during the weekend.  It was so inspiring to see all the families working and praying together to help make the weekend a wonderful success. Through Morning Star and the true gift left to us through Margaret Mary, the little girl of 12 years old, who extended her spiritual gift to us through the prayer ministry of Morning Star, our own families have grown closer in our relationship with God, through Jesus and Mary, and each other.  This weekend was a very special and beautiful time the Lord gave us to be together. Kathy D. (Chicopee)

My family and I went to Franklinville NY last week for the Morning Star camp. Morning Star is a prayer group for young children during which we pray the Rosary in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. The prayer group was the dream of Margaret Mary and is in loving memory of her. I am very happy that we went to the camp. It was beautiful to see all of the little children praying the Rosary, participating in the Holy Mass, and enjoying all of the other activities. I believe that Jesus is so happy to see such wonderful activities happening in His church to bring the little children closer to Him. They truly are shining the light of Jesus to our world.  Peace in Christ, Brian K. (Chicopee)

The Morning Star camp was truly a blessing for our four children this summer. They enjoyed spending the weekend with other God-loving friends, not only with games and activities, but also in prayer. The Holy Spirit surrounded the retreat, and it was a great way to bring out the joy in prayer for especially the little ones. They were very excited to choose winning presents from a variety of devotionals, e.g. when they won a treasure hunt, our girls chose necklaces of St Anthony and of the Virgin Mary, which they wear to this day. It is so beautiful to see the joy of a child directed toward heaven in the smallest of things. The older youth and adults were surely fired up at dusk with songs of praise at the campfire. Singing with the guitar is always a great way to open the heart and let the spirit loose in worship. May God bless all who organized and participated in the event, especially Fr Marek, our shepherd who lives for the youth as our late Pope John Paul 2. May our Blessed Mother always keep the Morning Star children embraced in Her loving protective arms.  Peter M. (Rochester)

This is an initiative which is the great dream of a young girl who inspires us all even though she left us some years ago to be with God. I think that is an important part of the gathering – the link with our friends in heaven, the communion of saints, who still actively participate in our earthly pilgrimage through their love. I also think Pope John Paul II was participating in the weekend as I saw the camp looking very much like the old pictures of his early years as bishop. Rebecca P. (Rome, Italy)

I will always have fond memories of the Morning Star Retreat.  I came only knowing a few people and went home knowing a new family.  I had a chance to speak with the local pastor who came to the retreat for lunch.  I remember telling him, how after an 8 hour trip from home, meeting people in another part of our country having the same faith and trust in God and same conviction on raising our family's in a godly manner as we do at home is awesome!  I felt like I knew these people my whole life.  When it was time to leave, I got emotional.  It was hard to say goodbye to this wonderful community, but also knowing we have the same faithful, god-loving people at home.  I feel liked I am such a blessed person.  Donna J. (Chicopee)

To prepare for the retreat, I pulled out a large statue of the Sacred Heart.  It was one that I found in a store with a broken hand.  We fixed the hand and Fr. Marek blessed the statue during the retreat.  On the anniversary of Margaret’s death, Sunday, someone placed the statue right in front of the altar before Mass.  It was confirmation for me.  The inspiration years back by the lake was coming true.  We need to build our Church with living stones, not only stone shrines.  We had 70+ people at that Mass.  Mary C. (Olean)